Excellent Choice Dentist San Jose
Impeccable service. Clean environment. Great, attentive dentist with helpful staff. Theresa L.
Great Google Find Dentist San Jose CA
I have to have a root canal procedure done and this place had the highest rating on my Google search. Sure enough, they were great when I came in. I was stressed out and worry abut the cost and all other things involved, but the staff was courteous and warm, helping me to feel at ease. I am going to see a specialist for my actual procedure later this month, but in the meantime, they were able to diagnose my condition and give me medication while I wait. I am less anxious about getting work done on my mouth. – anonymous

Successful Visit Dentist San Jose
I want to tell you how much I appreciate having such a knowledgeable, compassionate staff at Dr. Kim’s office. Everyone their always ensure your comfort comes first. They make sure that you understand any work being done, the options available to the patient, answer any questions or concerns that may arise. That kind of service will always put you at ease. Thank you Dr. Kim and staff. – Mona C.

Highly Advanced Dentist San Jose CA
I have been as Dr Kim’s patient for almost 20 years. Office hours are convenient and waiting time is very reasonable. The front desk is very friendly and helpful. The dental equipment is highly advanced and the dental services are almost painless and comfortable. The dentists patiently address my questions regarding to the teeth. – Anonymous

One of the best dentists – James Lim

Greatest Dentist in San Jose California
All my life, we’ve tried so many dentists but finally we found the best and greatest dentist that makes us satisfied, happy, and makes us smile through our entire day and life. All the staff and crew were very cooperative, friendly, and supportive. All the Doctors were very fast and reliable to do their job. With all our heart thank you so much to the Top Best*8* San Jose Dentists Specialists Centers-Jonathan Kim DDS Inc. – Asia P.

Highest Level of Service Dentist San Jose
I wouldn’t normally think to review a dentist but I have had such an awesome experience with Dr. Kim’s office, I had to give them a shout out! I travel more than two hours to go to this office but it’s well worth the trip every time! They have a great staff of dentists, including orthodontist, periodontist and root canal specialist, so it’s a one-stop shop. My children recently had their cavities worked on; the doctors were very meticulous, focused and gave the highest level of service. Every appointment is educational and doctors pay attention to details, take the time to explain treatment plans, and ensure that the patients are comfortable. Not to mention the technology they have at the office cannot be beat. The front and back staff is amazing too; they are very courteous, professional and they go out of their way to help you and making sure that you feel welcomed. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Kim’s office to my family and friends. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Kim – Lucy K.

Emergency Root Canal Dentist San Jose California
Over 15 years ago, my friend needed an emergency root canal and did not have any dental insurance. Dr. Kim did the root canal and gave her a good deal. I have been going to Dr. Kim’s ever since. They are not perfect, but, nobody’s perfect. Basically, they do a real good job. They are very friendly, try real hard, and work with you. They have long hours and are open on the weekends – that helped a lot when I couldn’t get time off my job to go to the dentist. They do have a lot of dentists there. Some are better than others. They have had some inferior dentists in the past, but, I have not had seen any bad ones for the last 10 years. I did have some problems with a cap that they did. They looked at it, agreed, and replaced it. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They always call a day or two before your appointment in case you forget. The thing I really like is that they always deal with the dental insurance, so, I don’t have to. – Anonymous

Favorite Place to be San Jose Dentist
My experience was great! I was treated so well and educated in the process. Not my favorite place to be, but all of the staff made me comfortable and they were authentic nothing fake. I will highly recommend Dr. Kim’s office to my family and friends. What was really nice is that they explain my plan to me which I’ve never had done before. Best dentist ever. – Patricia I. I love going to Dr. Kim because of the friendly staff and awesome customer service. – Vicki L.

Yellow Pages Dentist San Jose
Thursday morning I woke up with the worst pain on my lower right wisdom tooh. My mom found Dr. Kim’s number on the yellow-pages book. I had my appointment 30 mins after. Once I got there the staff there was really nice and helpful, they told me to fill out all the paperwork and I wasn’t even done with it when I got called in. Since I wasn’t able to open my mouth and get the usual X-rays done, they took me to another room and took some X-rays with a different machine that lasted about 20 seconds. After that the doctor checked my mouth and she saw that my gum was really swollen and could not do anything about it because i could barely open my mouth so she put me on antibiotics and pain killers. She said that I had an infection on my Wisdom tooth and my tooth had to be extracted as soon as possible. I got my appointment Sunday at 12:30 for my surgery extraction. Five to Ten minutes later I got called in, The Dr. was really nice and Friendly. I was then put on anesthisia shots about 6 but after the 3rd one I could not feel the rest and that is all I felt. Other then the shot the procedure was PAINLESS and quick. Anyway I LOVED MY VISIT AND I REALLY RECOMMEND JONATHAN H. KIM DENTAL CENTER (=. – Veronica A.

Quick and Painless Dentist San Jose
I was always uncomfortable with the idea of going to the dentist mainly because I’ve had bad experiences at the dentist. This change when I started going to Dr. Kim’s office. The staff is so nice and helpful. All the dentists that I’ve had visits with are so great! All nice and made me feel comfortable. They answered all my questions and concerns. The whole visit was quick and painless. The office itself is super clean and modern. That made me feel comfortable to go in when the office is clean and new looking. Overall, every visit at Dr. Kim’s visit has been great. – Kim N.

Convenient Hours Dentist San Jose
I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office for a couple years now and have always had great experiences. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and they always take the time to explain everything to me. Their hours are extremely convenient too since they are open late on weekdays and they were even able to schedule a root canal for me on a Sunday! I would definitely recommend this office to everyone! – Anonymous

Friendliest Folks San Jose Dentist
I have been taking my family here since 1991. Dr. Kim and his staff are the friendliest folks I know in a professional office. They make you feel at home and part of their family. His staff of doctors are excellent and will take care of your dental needs. I highly recommend them. My kids are all grown up now and are starting to take my grandkids to this office as well. – Evelyn T.

Quality and Affordable San Jose Dentist
I’ve been going to Dr. Kim’s office for many years. My file is about 2″ thick. Everyone there has been very gentle and concerned that you are not uncomfortable. I have to say I have never had pain during or after any procedure. I’ver never even had to take a pain pill of any sort after. Everyone is concerned with explaining what each procedure is and why its needed so that I would understand completely. I’ve been completely satisfied. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. – Carolyn G.

Comfortable Dentist San Jose
I was taken care without any delay. I got very good explanation what need to be done and why. During process doctor was very gentle; she talked to me so I feel calm and comfortable. – Ewa P.

Amazing Job Orthodontist San Jose
My son had his braces removed! He was so excited to see his new smile in such a short time frame. They did such an amazing job and it didn’t cause too much discomfort. My sons smile is so nice and it was well worth every cent!! Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Kim and The Ortho team!! – Jonathan E.

Most Trustworthy Dentist of San Jose
My whole family has been going to Dr. Kim’s Dental Office for a couple of years now and it is such a relief to have a trustworthy Dentist. My children even love to go. I never have to second guess anything. I have felt comfortable and confident at every visit. They are the BEST! – Anonymous

Excellent Implant Specialist San Jose
Dr. Brandes is an amazing Implant/Crown Expert and a gum-specialist to boot. So, naturally I knew I was in good hands! I’m very happy w/my new implant/crown and am thankful to both Dr. Brandes for the great job he did and to Dr. Kim for having him as a part of his team! They are both very personable. I actually enjoyed visiting with my implant crown specialist!!…How many people can say that?!!! – Tyrone A.

Beautiful and Healthy Teeth San Jose Dentist
We’ve been going to Dr Kim’s office for about 10 or 11 yrs. now. A friend recommended Dr. Kim after hearing my horror stories while looking for a dentist for my kids, at the time 6 and 2. They were great with both of them. We were welcomed by Dr. Kim when we walked in for the first time and have been every time since. Both of my kids, and just recently myself, have had ortho work done here as well. The staff is very courteous and accommodating. I’ve yet to have a bad experience or complaint. When I started my search for a family dentist I couldn’t believe how hard a time I was having. I was worried that any more bad experiences and I’d never be able to get my kids willing into a dental office again. Now here we are all these years later and the whole family is going to Dr. Kim’s office, willingly. We live on the opposite side of San Jose but make the commute to Dr. Kim’s office because they’re that good. We all have beautiful, healthy pearly white teeth and feel extremely LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND DR. KIM – anonymous

Excellent Service from Dentist San Jose California
I have always been given excellent service from Dr Kim as well as other doctors and staff on every visit and the cleanliness of the office has never been in question. – Anonymous

The Best Emergency Dentist in San Jose
I was very happy that I had a slight emergency and the office got me an appointment very quickly. The front office staff was very nice. – Anonymous

The Dental Service Dentist San Jose
Dr. Kim Dental is the best dental service I’ve ever experienced. Everyone at the office seems to really care about my dental needs. They are professional, courteous, painless, fast and affordable. The fact that they are open seven days a week and evenings is another plus that you can’t find with most dentist offices. I highly recommend them for your dental needs. – Anonymous

Best Root Canal San Jose CA Specialist Dentist
Hi, I just got a root canal done and I feel great! No pain at all!

I knew I wouldn’t have pain, because I have been going to Dr. Kim for over 20 years and I never felt pain. He has all the high tech equipment for all your dental needs.

Two thumbs up!! — Mark Johnson

Emergency San Jose Dentists California
Yesterday was just a routine, but years ago when a tooth shattered during dinner, it was Dr. Kim’s office that was open to do emergency work. Scheduling is easy and convenient and everyone there is friendly and, most importantly, competent. That’s why I’ve been a patient for 9 years. — Francis Cilia

Great San Jose Orthodontist California
My orthodontist appointment was just as quick and thorough as always! It was painless and easy and the overall environment was very friendly. I’m looking forward to my next appointment! — Yasmin Imam

Excellent Sedation Specialist San Jose Dentists CA
I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office for a year now and the service is great. The staff is friendly and dentists are professional. If you have phobias about coming to the dentist like I did, you should give Dr. Kim’s a try. They do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable and the fees are very reasonable. — Anonymous

Best Gum Specialist San Jose CA Dentists
Dr. Kim’s office has multiple doctors specializing in different fields. Before Dr. Kim, I had to go to other dentist offices where there was really only one dentist and if something was wrong with my gums, they would send me half-way across town to another guy who specialized in gums. At Dr. Kim’s office, the gum specialist was already there, so it was just a matter of coming back at another day of my choosing. I recommend Dr. Kim for dentistry! — Anonymous

Very Affordable San Jose Dentist California
My wife and I just got some cleanings and feelings at Dr. Kim. We paid cash because I lost my insurance when my employment ended. Dr. Kim honored the fact that we have been customers there for many years. He provided us with great unbelievable prices to help us afford the treatments. My wife and I left Dr. Kim’s dental office very happy not just because of the great deal but also because the service we received from his staff was great as usual. This why my family and I will continue coming back to Dr. Kim even from great distances. — GG A.

High Recommendation San Jose Dentists CA
Like I said I will always stay on the ball when it comes to dentistry because it is important that people find the right one. Last Wednesday I went in to Dr. Kim’s for two wisdom teeth to be extracted. The procedure was painless and pleasant, highly recommend to anyone. — Davidson H.

Convenient Late Appointment San Jose Dentists California
For busy people, this place is a blessing. They are open 7 days a week and till late, so I often go after work or on a weekend. There are numerous dentists on duty, so they can accommodate last minute appointments. In short, I get my dental work done whenever that’s convenient for me. On top of that, the place is well-equipped with modern technology and houses specialists for various dental procedures. I personally appreciated the check-up sessions where they presented x-ray images and close-up photos of my teeth to explain where the cavities are. — K F.

Great San Jose Dentists CA for Busy People
I’ve been coming to Dr. Kim’s dental office since 1999. I am very happy with the office. The service is good and the doctors are nice. Also, the office is close to my house which makes it easier to come in because I am always busy. Also, I now started braces with Dr. Kouvaris and I am very happy. — Tiffany Y.

Best Dental Care San Jose Dentists CA
Best Dental Care I have received in my 70 years of life. I am thankful with Dr. Kim’s dental office for the outstanding service I have received from my treating dentist and office staff during all my visits. I am not in pain no more and my gum is healing well. — Oliver k

Excellent Snap-on Smile San Jose CA Dentists
I’m giving 5 stars. Dental office front desk personnel are all nice and accommodating. Dentist assistant/ schedule coordinator is very knowledgeable in her work. Dr. J. Kim dental office is awesome, I have 2 loose teeth (this happened during a 3 days weekend holiday) and Dr. J. Kim told me that he will remove the teeth and gave me a retainer in that same day. Dr. J. Kim dental office also made my Snap-on smile and his dentist did a very good job on my impression for my snap on smile came out like its real. — seanimosonny10

Very Caring San Jose Dentists CA
I like coming to this office because the work is very good. The staff it is very professional and very caring. One time that I had an emergency, with a tooth even though I was maxed out with my insurance, Dr. Kim helped me to relieve the pain so that it lasted until I will have insurance again. I am really thankful with Dr. Kim for that. I like the cleanliness of the office and I have recommended many people to this office so that they could come in to this office. — materesav.cruz

Most Flexible Appointment San Jose CA Dentists
I started coming to Dr. Kim’s office since 1989 and I really like this office. I feel comfortable. All the appointments are flexible and office is open saturday and sunday. The office is remodel and has the latest technology. For example, I like the panoramic x-ray. I really recommend this office. My children come here since they were children. The doctors at Dr. Kim’s office have been the only doctors that my children have seen. — rosa.cazares

Very Good San Jose Dentist California
This doctor is very good. We feel very comfortable. We been coming to this office for about 8years ago and we really like it. I strongly recommend everybody to come to Dr. Kim’s office. — topacio210

Most Accommodating San Jose Dentists CA
I am very satisfied with all the doctor are very good. Take care of patients. Thank You for everything. It is very convenient for patient to make appointments because it is open everyday. It is very good for me to make appointment even late evenings. Patients could come in after work. All the staff are very kind. Thank you Dr. Kim for everything! — cfglc7

Best Orthodontic Treatment San Jose Dentists CA
I was referred by a friend to this office and I came for a consultation; after that day I decided to do my orthodontic treatment here at Dr. Kim’s office. I am almost done with my Invisalign treatment. I really recommend this office to anyone. Everyone is very nice. — Miguel

Advanced Technology San Jose Dentists CA
I have more than 20 years coming to Dr. Kim’s Dental office. About 3 times I have seen how this office has been remodeled. It is very different and it has a very advance technology. I like the staff because they make the patients feel comfortable in different languages. My kids, my wife and my sister like to come for their treatment. I recommend this office. — Arturo G.

Best Dental Service San Jose CA Dentists
A friendly caring environment, the newest technology, great staff and professional doctors is what you will find at Dr. Kim dental office. I have been coming here for over 5 years and I have recommended my friends and family here because I know that they will receive the same treatment that I have received. If you want to receive the best service then you should come here, to Dr. Kim’s office; they are experts!!!!! — Dylan

Wow Experience San Jose California Dentists
A wow Experience!
My experience with dental office throughout the years was not very good until I came to Dr. Kim’s office. Coming to this office was an amazing experience. I like the the staff because they are very friendly; they welcomed me with a big smile. Also the doctor was very gentle and professional. The office is clean and has the highest technology.
I will strongly recommend this office to anyone looking for excellent service!!! — John S

Great Place San Jose CA Dentists
My experience in Dr. Kim’s office has been great. I like the professionalism of the staff and doctors. Also the office is very clean and has friendly environment. This office has the newest technology. I like the digital x-rays because I could see my teeth in the computer monitor. It is great!! A great place to come!!!! — Mackenzie T.

Great Family San Jose Dentist California
Excellent I believe this office is excellent!! I was initially referred by one of my co-worker, and I have stayed since then because Dr. Kim’s office has provided the best service for me. Clean and healthy environment. Doctors are professional and caring. Staff is super helpful and friendly. Oh, and this office has the best technology! A great place to come!!!

Super Discount San Jose Dentists CA
Great, Great, Great!!!! I believe this office has the best service available because it provides you with doctors that are specialize in many fields of dentistry and the staff is very friendly…Now, one of the things that I like is that there are many videos about the office. I think this is important because it gives patients more information about the office. Also, the technology is awesome. I love it….Also, there are many specials and discounts for patients; this is good since we are in difficult times. Definitely without a doubt, I highly recommend Dr. Kim’s office to anyone…..

Most Caring San Jose Dentist California
Great Office!!! The experience here at Dr. Kim’s office it has been always great. All the staff is super nice and my doctor is always caring and gentle. I am usually nervous when it comes to go to the dentist but when I arrive to the office the friendly environment and the staff helps me relax. Also the doctor explains me in great detail about my treatment and answers all my questions. I will definitely recommend this office to anyone. I have already referred many of my friends.

Great Service Dentist San Jose California
The Patient come first at Dr. Kim’s office!!! This office is really good. I like the staff because they are always professional, caring and polite. There is a sense of family. At the moment that you enter the office you fell great because the staff welcome you with a big smile, then the assistants and the doctors give you confidence that everything will be find. Also, I like the way that doctor explains the treatment because they show you pictures and x-rays of your teeth on the monitor which makes it easier to understand the treatment you need. Also, I like that whenever I have a concern, I could simply call them and they helped me. Great Service!!!

No Pain Dentist San Jose California
I’ve been going to Dr. Kim’s office for many years. My file is about 2″ thick. Everyone there has been very gentle and concerned that you are not uncomfortable. I have to say that I have never had pain during or after any procedure. I’ve never even had to take a pain pill of any sort after. Everyone is concerned with explaining what each procedure is and why its needed so that I would understand completely. I’ve been completely satisfied. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. — Galvan Carole

High Skill Dentist San Jose CA
I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Jonathan Kim’s Dental Office in San Jose! A good friend recommended Dr. Kim very highly to me over two years ago. I was particularly intrigued as she drove quite out of her way (from Palo Alto to San Jose) to see him. I understood why after my fist visit! Each Dentist and Hygienist and assistant in Dr. Kim’s office is highly skilled, attentive and kind! I have always had dentist anxiety; even a cleaning used to provoke great stress in me. I am thrilled to say that this is no longer the case. I have had many professional, gentle, and thorough services (including cleanings, deep cleanings, fillings, x-rays, and one whitening treatment) with several different dentists, hygienists, and nurses at Dr. Kim’s office that all left me feeling the same way – satisfied and relaxed! I cannot believe that a lifetime of dreading dental appointments has disappeared since becoming Dr. Jonathan Kim’s patient, but they have! I recently moved to San Francisco but will not consider changing dentists! Being treated in Dr. Kim’s office is worth any long drive! — Andrea Hart

Excellent Children Dentist in San Jose California
My 6 yr old son has been petrified of visiting the dentist ever since I first took him when he turned 3. It’s been so bad he would never even sit in the chair. He came to Dr. Kim’s office and was quite scared but the wonderful dentist we saw really eased him more than any other dentist he has ever seen. He actually sat in the chair and cooperated for almost all the visit. She was so patient with him and it made all the difference in the world :) — Elysia Chavez

Great Dental Work Dentist CA San Jose
Hello, we are the Herrera family. My wife Tina and I were referred to Dr Jonathan Kim by a relative back in the 1990’s. Since then we have been regular patients at Dr Kim’s office. We have our regular check-ups, deep cleaning, X-Rays, dental work and teeth whitening kits there. We also bring our children to Dr Kim for all the same great work. My son Jimmy recently needed braces and DR Kim helped us get financing, even though we were in a tight financial spot. Now Jimmy can see his regular orthodontist all at the same great family office. My daughter Amanda wants to get invisalign which is also available at Dr Kim’s office. Dr Kim is a kind, caring man. It is always an honor to shake his hand. He also has a great friendly staff. The work they do is smooth and gentle. I would recommend Dr Jonathan Kim to any caring father who needs a Excellent 5 Star dentist. — Gilbert Herrera

Excellent Invisalign Dentist California San Jose
I am currently a going Dr. Kim’s practice for my Invisalign braces. The staff is super friendly and Dr. Kim always goes out of his way to greet people every time he gets a chance.

Dr. Andrew Kouvaris is my orthodontist at this office and he has been a great professional. He is nice and very knowledgeable. He gave me a few different options about what I could do to straighten my teeth. He was very honest with me during his consultation and even presented the option of going to my doctor to see if jaw surgery was an option instead of braces. I really appreciated the honesty that he told me jaw surgery could have been covered under my medical insurance where my dental didn’t cover orthodontic work for adults. I decided to go with Invisalign since I didn’t like the idea of surgery and I didn’t like to results I’ve seen from other people I know who got that surgery.

The price he quoted me was also a lot better than another office I went to. It was also convenient that Dr. Kim’s office had all the equipment to take all the necessary x-rays to give a proper consultation. The other office I went to did not have the equipment and they required me to go to another office to get them.

So far my Invisalign has been moving my teeth and I can see my teeth getting straighter and straighter. I am surprised to see you can incorporate rubber bands with them to help with under or over bites. The office has been really good in scheduling me every 6 weeks for my new set of braces. The appointments have been pretty seamless and the staff is always friendly.
I would definitely recommend this office because of the equipment they have, the friendliness of the staff, knowledge of the doctors, and the honesty. — Ryan N.

Payment Plan Dentists California San Jose
I have been a patient of Dr. Kim’s for almost 10 years now! My family and I have been going there for years, obviously. :) And we recommend their office to friends/family who need a new dentist. Dr. Kim is genuinely kind, and he always asks if you need anything or how you’re day is going upon walking in. His staff is very nice too. The dental assistants and whichever dentist is doing the cleaning have never been pushy towards me, and they always make me feel welcome. My favorite employee there is Elvie (sp?). She always remembers me and asks, every time I visit, how my family and I are doing. She remembers each one of us by our first name.

I recommend this dentist office to anyone who is in search of a new dentist or more permanent one. If you need financial help with whatever service you have done there, they are flexible and may be willing to allow you to pay in payments. Talk to the staff! Very family-oriented office to have your cleanings done. — Clarissa B.

Best Emergency Dentist San Jose CA
I’m giving DR Kim a 5 star , my reason’s are , well my husband and myself have a very bad habit’s of dislike of going to a regular DR or have dental done, we both work long hours with own our own company’s and just don’t have time for personal med care, we wait till its a must sort of say.  and this past week it became a must ! my husband waited till 10 30 pm on a weeknight & had got such tooth pain he couldn’t stand it !

While him screaming and rolling on the floor with his hands around his head begging me to find him a 24 hr dental place to take him to,,,,,I told him ,,,yea right what dentist is open that hour of the night ? I’m stressed and feel helpless to help him find a dentist at a time that’s impossible to find some one to fix a bad tooth. but i go online and type up 24 hrs dentist, and to my surprise , DR Kim popped up, I call the # with shock someone did answer the call from his office, they asked if he could come in the morning and I explained he needs someone now he was in that much pain, they asked can we be there in 30 min, I said we could and we ran out the door with wasting no time , we got there in probably 15 to 20 minutes he went inside while i parked the car and by the time I went inside my husband was trying to fill out the paperwork being he never had been there before , DR Kim walked up and greeted us both, he was very pleasant man ,they had my husband in the seat and doing x rays with in 10 minutes of walking thru the door, they were kind enough to see he was in so much pain they would wait for the rest of the papers to be filled out, they started working on his tooth , Dr. Kim himself did the work and did A+ job ,

my husband is very hard to please most of the time, and quick to find fault if its not perfect , he didn’t trust them at first a cork my husband has, but by the time he walked out 2 hrs later,,,,yea his tooth was that bad , he was a very pleased person that Dr Kim was as good as he is, my husband was impressed, not easy to impress my husband . now he does still need to go back and have work done on the tooth, but the pain is gone & a temp filling is in.

and we understand that when he goes back in he would not be getting DR Kim and would be seeing one of the other dentist to finish the job, and yea just like most people we would rather have DR Kim do the rest of the work , but as having our own companies we also understand you always don’t get the owner or the big guy and that with every company the reason we all have workers is they are there to also do the job and have the big guy supervise , DR Kim paid his dues & it wouldn’t be a company if he didn’t have others who also worked there, so with out judgment the hubby is going to let one of the other staff dentist work on him, & I’m sure I will update my review with how well the next dentist does, because my hubby is picky . being new to this place we are so far pleased with them . — Sandra C.

No More Anxiety Dentist San Jose California
I have been a patient of Dr. Kim’s office for over two years now and couldn’t be happier. I find everyone in the office to be professional, considerate and helpful. All my life I have had Dentist anxiety but this disappeared after one visit to Dr. Kim’s office and has not returned! I recently moved to San Francisco but will not consider changing dentists. Being a patient of Dr. Kim’s Office is worth any drive! I highly recommend becoming a patient of Dr. Jonathon Kim’s Dental Office! — Andrea H.

5 Star San Jose Dentist CA
I’m giving 5 star to Dr Kim, because they have excellent staff, the receptionist are very friendly, every time i go to the office Dr Kim is always there to greet you and welcome you. They have a good and clean facility and state of art facility and they are open 7 days a week. They are always flexible with their schedules.
They did a good job in my teeth whitening process. — Robert F.

Best Implant San Jose Dentists CA
I stopped going to the dentist many years ago because the xrays and shots hurt, along with other procedures including Billing. BUT NOW…that I’ve been going to Dr. Kims Dental Center right off of 680 freeway, I no longer have any concerns. I actually enjoy coming to the Dentist now, because everyone seems like family to me. The Admin staff is very helpful, the dental assistants pay close attention to my needs during procedures and it seems like they have so many Dentist that Specializes in various fields that I’m always covered in my needs. I had a missing tooth that was missing for almost 6years and I was too scared to get a Implant. Well, 6months ago, I got a Implant, the process took about 20mins for the actual Implant, I did Not feel any pain or even pressure. The Implant Specialist (Dr. Brandon) said something about Bones not have nerves so I won’t feel anything. The Implant healed in about 3months and when they put the new tooth ontop of it, I know had instant chewing abililty on my left side. That felt soooo cool, I love it!!! We may do another implant in my front upper but Dr. Kim wants to see if they can save that tooth instead. He’s real keen on saving teeth when they can and always talks to me to brush and floss more. He even gave me a Electric Toothbrush that I absolutely love!!! I enjoy brushing and flossing now. Anyways, I think Dr. Kim is one of the best Dentist I’ve ever had and will stay with him forever, if I can. Oh,oh, check out the New Contest is having, some really really cool prizes.– Susan H.

Best High Tech San Jose Dentist California
As a San Jose Student, busy with study, exams, parties, fraternity and did I mention parties? I just don’t have time to fit in appts for a Dentist, until I met Dr. Kim a few years ago. They seem to always find time me and contact me the day before to remind me (which is great, as some dentist will just let you miss it and charge a cancellation fee). Dr. Kim has the latest in technology, instant xrays that you can watch on a Monitor, monitors his staff to ensure everyone is giving 110%. Shots are shots, some hurt some don’t. But I’d rather have a shot pinch for a few seconds and then feel no pain for the rest of the procedure, than multiple shots throughout the process. His Admin staff are really friend and it almost feels like you’re walking into the “Cheers Bar” on TV, than a quiet scary dentist office. Dr. Kim employees various dentist so he can cover all the speciality areas. I wasn’t sure at first become of some of the negative reviews that were posted but then I noticed they were 5yrs old and the latest reviews from this year are hidden within yelp below. Open those up to see what people are really saying. And lately Dr. Kim has been having a lot of Contests to promote his business further and give his patients a chance of winning a nice prize. I heard the next contest will be full of nice prizes from Phones to HDTV to a Trip to Hawaii. Too Cool. All these contests and prizes are 100% as I won a Ipad last year and love it. So….Looking for a Dentist who is very genuine and cares about his patients, works with you to discuss the best option for you and your wallet. Cares about your long term dental care and has the best Implant Specialist around town. Give them a call and tell them you’d like to be part of the Dr. Kim Dental Family.
Thanks ….Matt

Best Latest Technology San Jose Dentists California
Our families have been going to Dr. Kim for a long time. They have saved us a lot of expensive dental work by doing preventive maintenance, cleanings and encouraging us to floss more over the years. The office and staff are Excellent. They always remind us when we have a appt and with our busy lifestyles, that is sooo helpful. Dr. Kim is such a genuine and caring person. He’s always thinking of the long term solution, what’s best for the Patient and making one comfortable as possible. He doesn’t try to upsale his patients and is more than willing to step aside and discuss any concerns you may have from billing to procedures. He’s always looking to purchase the latest in technology and keeping up with the times. When I needed a Bridge that 20some other Dentist in this Bay Area said was Not Possible. Dr. Kim had one made and installed that has lasted me nearly 24years. (we called this the golden gate bridge because it was so big). But it has worked just fine all these years. Now, I’m going to have it replaced with all Implants and can’t wait. I’ll post a Pic when done. I think all of the Dentists that work for Dr. Kim are excellent and are always concerned about your comfort level.

Dr. Jonathan Kim is truly an Excellent Dentist who cares about his patients needs from dental needs to billing work to schedule times.

And Dr. Brandon is one of the best Implant Specialist in the bay area. If this man can’t make you feel comfortable, then no one can. He was talking to me for about 10mins and then said, “ok, the implant is all done, we’ll see you again in a few weeks”. I’d take 10 implants over one deep cleaning anyday. –Ron H.

Best Retainer Dentist in San Jose California
I’m giving 5 stars. Dr. J. Kim dental office is awesome, I have 2 loose teeth (this happened during a 3 days weekend holiday) and Dr. J. Kim told me that he will remove the teeth and gave me a retainer in that same day. Dr. J. Kim dental office also made my “snap on smile’ and his dentist did a very good job on my impression…. the snap on smile came out like its real. –Tina S.

Best Caring Dentist CA San Jose
I been coming to Dr. Kim’s office since 1997. I like coming to this office because the work is very good. The staff it is very professional and very caring. One time that I had an emergency, with a tooth even though I was maxed out with my insurance, Dr. Kim helped me to relieve my pain so that it will help me until I will have my new insurance maximum. He didn’t might seen me. He is very caring. I am really thankful with Dr. Kim for that. Also, I like the cleanliness of the office; and I have recommended many people to this office so that they could experience the same as I have. Great office. Thank you Dr. Kim
Ma Teresa V.

Best Gentle Dentists California San Jose
My experience at Dr. Kim’s office has been great. I was referred by a family member and I still don’t regret coming here. My doctor is very gentle. I really like her. She is very professional and she cares for the wellbeing of her patient. Also the staff is very nice to me. I live in Morgan Hill and do not mind driving for my appointments. The office is clean and the environment is warm…In conclusion, I totally recommend this office. — Uldarica L

Excellent Extraction Dentist California San Jose
I was told from my previous dentist that I have gingivitis and that I need to have bone graft. However, they didn’t explained to me in details as to why and what procedures involved with this treatment. Also, the fee they quoted me was too high. So I Googled and found Dr. Kim. The lady who answered my call was very knowledgeable and very helpful. She explained to me very thoroughly what I might need and the reasons for those procedures. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with her but there was not a single moment that I felt she was rushing or irritated by my endless questions. So far, my experience at Dr. Kim is an absolute 5 star. I had deep cleaning and extraction and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this practice to everyone. — Susan P.

Best Braces San Jose Dentists CA
I give this office a 5 STAR because they are a great group of people.
I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office for over 10 years. I am always greeted with a smile from the staff and Dr. Kim always comes by to shake my hand.

My 11 year old daughter recently went for some procedures and came out with a smile. She even asked when she was coming back, when I responded she would be back for a cleaning in 6 months she was so happy. This lets me know that we have picked a great group of dentists for our family.

My 16 year old son got his braces here and is so excited that he will have straight teeth and a great smile!!
If you are looking for a place to clean, fix or just 6 month check-ups, this is an awesome place and the staff couldn’t be better!!

Thanks Dr. Kim and staff!! My family appreciates you!!! — Cynthia R.

Low Cost San Jose Dentists California
I have a habit of staying away from Dentists, but I decided to give Dr. Kim a try. In the beginning I didn’t like the location. East side San Jose is like getting teeth done in Compton, nobody likes east side except losers. I had his office do some work and I have to say it has been an amazing experience. The staff and dentists are friendly and caring. Now I will only go to doctor Kim. One thing about Dr. Kim is that he will let you know if there will be any out of pocket expenses before doing the work. This allows you to have the work done or not. I never go over what my insurance covers and Dr. Kim will let you know if you do go over or will. His office is so good I now have my two children going to him for dental care. I recommend Dr. Kim to all my friends and family. Like all my reviews if the situation of service changes I will make sure to post. So far this is a great dentist. – Davidson H.

Best Dental Practice San Jose Dentist CA
Dr. J. Kim’s office is simply the best dental practice I have ever been to.I have been to my fair share of Dentists in my life. I have been Dr. Kim’s patient for 19 years now. The first time I called for an appointment I had just moved to the area and developed a bad tooth-ache. It was a Sunday and I just wanted a appointment ASAP, I called and was asked how soon can you get here, “WOW!!! on a Sunday”. I was surprized someone answered the phone. I didn’t have insurance but the price was very reasonable, I actually expected to pay more. I have had other work done over the years and Dr. Kim has always set up low monthly payements ( root canals, dentures, etc.).

If your looking for a clean, state of the art dentistry, GREAT Staff and great hours. Go to Dr. J Kim’s Dental practice.

Excellent Service San Jose Dentist California
Just got back from checkup with Dr. Kim and was impressed. very clean, state of the art equipment and excellent service. My favorite part is that he didnt try to sell me any teeth whitening or unecessary filling replacements. — Justin K

Comfortable Dentist San Jose CA
Dr. Kim has been my dentist for 15 years. I’ve never had a bad experience when going for regular and deep cleanings, a root canal, and wisdom teeth removal. On every visit, Dr. Kim greets me with a handshake and makes me feel comfortable before the start of my dental work. His office staff is very attentive and courteous. They are very knowledgable about how to maximize my dental insurance and keep my out-of-pocket costs low. I have referred many friends to his office and they have all been very pleased with his work. Check out his website for patient testimonials and dental work specials. –Sebastian H.

San Jose Dentists CA Beyond Exellence
Dr Kim and his office are excellent. They are about the only dental office I know of that is flexible with scheduling, prompt with reminders, and can handle anything. I have been going to Dr Kim’s office for about 6 years now. I have had a few different staff doctors work on me for cleanings, fillings, and root canal(s). All are competent. Dr Kim sometimes does the work himself and he is beyond competent, beyond excellent. Too bad he can not do all the work himself, but he does oversee everything and sometimes does the work.

The way he runs his business means that you can make it in after work hours, or even on weekends. I made a call late evening around 10 for my wife. She was in pain with a known problem tooth that got bad over the weekend, and we were able to make it in around (was it really 10PM?) 10. They took us in and fixed her up. Her pain was gone and the problem was fixed. There was not some additional ripoff price attached for late hours or anything. Excellent.

His gear is the most modern, as an early adopter of the the new digital xrays that significantly lower the patient exposure to radiation, as well as affording the doctor better views. Now most or all offices use these, but he got his pretty early and switched over quickly. He has tried other expensive and modern equipment to continually improve the care quality and efficiency even when some of the experiments are not better than regular treatments, and cost him a big chunk to try out.
The doctors each have been patient with me, as I ask questions that other places might not want to spend the time to answer. They like to give away a little knowledge, and have never shut me up. I think that is great. Many health care professionals want us dumb and quiet. I have had 5-6 different doctors or more over the years and each has had this trait. I wonder if it is one of the things he looks for when hiring his staff, which does change some over time. Does not bother me any as long as they remain as good as they have been, which has been nothing short of very good.

I just now read a review where the yelper says quit calling about an appointment because he quit the office. Well, the office does definitely make their phone calls. No one else is as thorough at making reminder calls. The other writer hates them, but I am quite happy to be reminded. I forget enough things already, and it is easy to have my dentist appointments go unnoticed in a sort of accidental-on-purpose routine. They call to remind me; I don’t miss anymore. Front office is very nice, so for me, these reminders are a plus.

His prices are pretty good, too. Check around if you care.

OK, enough. I like Dr Kim and his staff. Damn fine organization. Outstanding care. Good prices.

Karl J. San Jose

Great Trust Dentist San Jose California
I have brought my family to this place because i trust them with everything they do. I have gotten a lot of work done here and i am very satisfied. I am so glad i found them 14 years ago. I have never had any problems with them. — Patti G.

Best Root Canal Dentist in San Jose California
I have been to this place on several occasions. I love coming here because it is very friendly and they do great work. I have had a few root canals done here and i am glad i did them here because i was in zero pain after. They also have fairly priced braces. Go to this place you wont regret it! — David Z.

Patient Loves Dentist CA San Jose
I love this place. Thank you so much Dr. Kim! — Brian M.

No More Afraid Of Dentists California San Jose
I am extremely affraid of dentists but upon walkin into this place i was instantly calmed by how everyone being so nice. I explained to the dentist that i am Very afraid of dentists and needles. He went nice and easy when giving my shot and once that was over it was smooth sail from there on out. I am soo glad that i chose this place to get work done.Thank you Dr. Kim! – Chris P.

Most Friendly Dentist California San Jose
I have never been to a dentist like this. Everyone is so welcoming and warm. Everyone is so friendly at this place. I have now switched from western dental to Dr. Johnathan kim’s dental office. It has far better service and better doctors than any other place. — Larry O.

Top Cosmetic San Jose Dentists CA
This is the best place i have ever been too. i went there for a cavity and they did such a great job. i did not feel anything. This place is amazing!!! — Johnny G.

Best Wisdom Teeth Extraction San Jose Dentists California
I have been going to Dr. Kim’s office for 14 years and i would not go anywhere else. This place has helped me so much they are like a second family. Every time i go in there i am welcomed by everyone. The dentists are great and i am never in pain. I have had 7 root canals here, and ive had my wisdom teeth removed here.This is the best dentist i have ever been to. — Alex G.

Excellent Reputation San Jose Dentist CA
If you have been looking for a great dental office, then stop – Dr Kim’s is the best. I have been a patient there for many years and I am just blown away by the courteous and caring treatment I always receive at each visit. The staff (both front and back) are very efficient and pleasant and I always like to pass this on to Dr Kim so that he can give them a “pat on the back”. I do not always see the same dentist but that is OK because I have always been very satisfied with the treatments I have had and I know that Dr Kim would not spoil his excellent reputation by employing associates who were not good at what they do. I used to live fairly close, which is why I chose this office in the first place, but now I live 15 miles away but I still come here – it is worth the drive! One more thing – we hear so much nowadays about risk of infection in any medical facility – but honestly, I do not think you could find a cleaner environment than Dr Kim’s office. There was an occasion in the past when my church was making up care packages to take on a mission trip and Dr Kim was kind enough to give me a whole load of toothbrushes and sample size toothpastes and I had only asked him if he could spare me a few! What a gentleman! He will always find time to shake your hand and make sure that you are being helped in a timely manner. Give this office a try – I feel sure you will have a good experience. — Mavis B.

Best Family San Jose Dentist California
This is a wonderful dental office. I’ve taken my whole family here now and every procedure has been phenomenal. I just recently had perio deep cleaning for the first time and was amazed at how efficient and painless it was. My son has also gotten his braces here and he never complains about it. Everyone is friendly, they are always extremely prompt. It is very clean and they do a really great job of explaining everything in detail and the various options available. I’m excited to go back to the dentist more regularly again because I feel this is a place I can trust — Nathalie D.

Excellent Family Dentist San Jose CA
My husband and I have been a patients of Dr. Kim for a very long time. The staff and assistants are all very nice, thankful and helpful. Dr. Kim is very gracious and kind with all his patients. The facilities are so clean. The front office staff are all smiling every time they see you and the atmosphere is great. The dentist and their assistans are very responsive and professional. All the dentist are very good. I don’t mind going there every time. Also the music and sound systems are very good. I would recommend to all my friends, relatives, co workers and everybody to visit his office. — Priscilla O.

Great Dental Practice San Jose California
Very Wonderful Staff, Dr. Kim’s office is friendly and welcoming. Always very cheerful reception. The dentists are professional and care to make you sure you are at ease and comfortable.

In addition to running a great practice, Dr. Kim has contributed to our non-profit organization SAHLUD for two years now, by providing a generous donation of tooth brushes, tooth paste, and toys for children in underdeveloped communities of Ecuador. He genuinely cares about his patients and about bettering his local and global community.

I can say with much certainty that you are guaranteed to have an exceptional experience at Dr. Kim’s ! — Cristella M.

Flexible Hour Dentist in San Jose California
Dr. Kim is very good, I’ve been going to this doctor since 10yrs. He is very honest and always receives very well. When ever we call him for an appointment they will give us. Very flexible hours. They work 7 days a week from9am-9pm.

My colleague referred this doctor since then I’ve never seen any other doctors. One bad thing we don’t get all the same doctor, but most of the time I call them and take an appointment with my regular doctor. Me, my wife and two kids goes to the same doctor. My kids got couple of cavities but he never charged single dollar for the cavity or any other things.

I referred to lot of my friends and they also like his service. Keep Good work — Bik P.

Best Orthodontist in San Jose California
Extraordinary Service!!!

I really believe that this is the office to call for anything you need about dental. I am amazed with all the services that they provide. I have never been refer out to see other office which it makes it very convenient for me because everything is done in office. I am always treated with respect and I am seen on time. I just recently went for my braces consultation and the quote that they gave me was great!!

If you need an office with all the services then call Jonathan Kim Dental office!! — Miguel M.

Top Patient Care Dentist CA San Jose

Great office, Great Customer Care, Great Friendly Environment!!!!

I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office several years and I strongly recommend this office to anyone because there are several advantages such good customer care, friendly environment and above all good dental service.

When I was reading some of the reviews that people wrote on this office I could not believe it because I have had another experience; a total different reality.

I guess here at YELP everyone talks about their opinion and experience about a place; therefore I’m here to talk about my experience with this office. In the contrary to some of the complains written about this office I have encountered that the reminder call are very helpful to me because I usually forget to keep track about all my appointments and Dr. Kim’s office is always good at reminding me. Also, every time I have a question about the treatment the staff explains to me in great detail and answer all my doubts that makes me feel secure about my dental treatment. They also keep me updated about my dental coverage so that I don’t go over my limit. Overall I recommend this office. — George C.

No More Bad Experience Dentist California San Jose
I have been with Dr. Kim’s office for about 3years. I came to this office with the help of my sister. She had became a patient at Dr. Kim for about 2 years before me and she had always told me about her experience but I never pay attention to her. I was hesitant to come because I have always been afraid of dentist and I was afraid of a bad experience; however to my surprise this was a good experience. The doctor was very gentle and right away I felt very calm. Also, the staff are very polite and they always welcome you with a big smile. I like that I am always seen on time and that the staff always help me to book an appointment that fits my schedule. I also like that they call me remind me of my appointments or if I need treatment since I tend to forget.

It is obvious that at Dr. Kim’s office the patient’s needs come first. I will strongly recommend Dr. Kim’s office. — Daisy L.

Excellent Cosmetic Dentists California San Jose
I have been to many dentists and Dr. Kim is the best dentist i have ever seen. He genuinely cares about each and every one of his patients. He knows me on a first name basis even. He seriously treats me as if i am a celebrity or something, that’s how special he makes me feel. Every time I go in i get a free toothbrush, tooth paste and floss, even i just saw him the week before. He’s always trying his hardest to go beyond his patents expectations of dentistry it seems. He has been my dentist for many years, so trust me if you choose him as your dentist you will be in very good hands. : ) — Sarah A.

Great Dentist San Jose CA

This place is great!!! I strongly recommended.

I have been coming to this office for several years and I have always been treated great. All the staff are very nice and I like the fact that Dr. Kim always greets all his patients.

I have done all my treatment here; I have never been refer out. All the doctor are very nice and gentle.

I love this place!!!!!! — Mike M.

Excellent Dental Implants Dentist San Jose California
I live in Los Gatos coming from France 10 years ago. Choosing Doctors for my family has been an uneasy experience. Going thru the maze of Insurance paperwork and assuring that everything was done right was critical for me (of course after the Medical treatment itself) and Dr Kim’s office has been excellent at all times.

On the Medical aspect, I had to do a root canal, bone reconstruction and an implant and all went very smoothly even with some help on the financial side.

Flexibilty with appointments has also been an advantage and even all Doctors are not equals, all Doctors who treated me were excellent.

To the point that after a while my wife switched for Dr Kim as well. — Max B.

Best Emergency Care San Jose Dentist California
Unbelievable. An office that takes emergency patients and does a good job. I just moved to San Jose and had a tooth break off at dinner. Dr. Kim’s office took me right away and fixed my problem. –Jasmine Y.

I am a client of Dr. Jonathan Kim for nearly three years. From the beginning I experienced the kindness from the staff and the professional care of the doctors, and started to recommend this office to my friends. The environment of the office is so friendly, and you can feel that their equipment offers the latest technology bringing the highest quality of service. Last year one of the doctors encouraged me to consider a dental implant for a bottom molar that I lost many years ago. Because of the location, the look of the tooth was somewhat irrelevant so I never considered making it; one of my concerns was the price. But I changed my mind after my first appointment with the implant specialist, Dr. Robert Brandes. He explained to me the important benefits for my health of an implant and gave me an incredibly good deal that made it possible to accomplish. The procedure was only slightly painful, was very easy and fast. Dr. Brandes was great at explaining step-by-step the entire procedure. I had my implant done only for one week ago and already feel like it is my own natural tooth. I want to give my thanks to Dr. Kim and all his staff and to Dr. Brandes for their kindness, generosity and professional care.

Carlos Olivera
Great job and fast!!
My daughter went in for 2 fillings!! We walked in and they greeted us right away (by name). My daughter was right about to sit down when they called her in, before I knew it they were done. My daughter was so excited and asked when she was returning for her next clean-up. I feel that the way they treat us and make us feel makes a huge impact on my family wanting to return. Thx.

Cynthia Rocha

Implant/Crown Specialist-Excellent!!!
Dr. Brandes is an amazing Implant/Crown Expert and a gum-specialist to boot. So, naturally I knew I was in good hands! I’m very happy w/my new implant/crown and am thankful to both Dr. Brandes for the great job he did and to Dr. Kim for having him as a part of his team! They are both very personable. I actually enjoyed visiting with my implant crown specialist!!…How many people can say that?!!!

Tyrone Artero

First Visit
All the staff was so friendly. Procedures went so well and they were so informative. None of my previous dental offices ever explain to me about my insurance coverages, but here @ Dr. Kim’s office, I got to know what I’m covered and what I’m not. Thank you everyone and see you @ my next.

My Nguyen

Excellent service, flexible schedule, good advice.

Ewa Plaza

Pain free dentistry
I had a few root canal’s & several implants & like Dr. Kim says the procedures were all most completely pain free. I was shocked by how little pain I actually felt. My biggest concern having these major procedures done was the pain, & Dr. Kim is a man of his word. Thanks again Dr. Kim.

Kevin K. Kelley

My daughter went in for a follow up. She came out so happy after having some work done and not feeling any pain. She said the dentist was so nice to her. My daughter is eleven years old and really enjoys coming to the dentist. After we left her appointment she said, “Mom, am I coming back this year?” and I said to her that she would be back for her six month clean up. She had the biggest smile! That lets me know we have a GREAT Team of dentists taking care of us!! Thanks

I have been a patient for years and appreciate the friendly, welcoming staff and availability of service.

Mary-Anne Meltzer

I have been going to Dr. Kim’s dental office for over 20 years. My son moved over 100 miles away and he still drives here to go to Dr. Kim’s dental office.

Elena Gonzalez

Like Family…
I’m very pleased with my service at Dr. Jonathan Kim’s office. They are hospitable and always have a smile when you enter their office. They have flexible hours and are accommodating even for my situation. I’m very happy with my service here. I feel like family and in good hands.

Jenny Luna-Ramirez

3rd Generation Fan of Dr. Kim
Three generations of my family have been coming to Dr. Kim and I’ve been a loyal patient for over 16 years. Dr. Kim always delivers great service with a true attention to detail, especially with placing false teeth or other special work. Normal cleanings and filling of cavities are done with care and with your comfort in mind. Furthermore, the staff is exceptionally nice and are very helpful to make sure you never miss an appointment. I cannot speak more highly Dr. Kim and his entire team.

Brent Plow

No more pain !!!
Dr. J. Kim’s Dental office is simply the BEST! I have been a patient foy over 19 years. My first visit: It was a Sunday, I just moved into the area and had a bad toothache, search the phone book and called the office, I thought it might be an answering service, but it was the front desk. I told them my problem and they asked how soon could I get there. ” WOW !!! on a Sunday ” I thought I would have to wait until Monday. This was fantastic 2 hours after my call no more pain. I didn’t have insurance and expected to pay more than I was charged. Over the years Dr. Kim has always set up low monthly payments when money was tight and I needed dental work. He is open 7 days a week and has evening hours. The office is clean, has state of the art equipment and a GREAT staff and real personal touch.

Tim (Sr.) Cunningham

My Braces
I got my braces last March 2009 and they will be coming off in a few weeks! I can’t believe how fast and effective the braces were. I am so glad that I got them with Dr. Kim and his team. They are great!!!

Jonathan Escobedo

My visit was friendly and comfortable
My visit was friendly and comfortable. I never have to worry about pain. Dr. Kim and his well trained, professional staff take good care of you. They also have a cool computer to keep track of your teeth! They have a screen in the lobby that shows you everything you need to know about your teeth! Dr. Kim is the nicest man I have known. I have been going to this Dentist for over 20 years, He is the best, Five Star.

Mark Johnson

Excellent Customer Service
All the dentists are very knowledgeable and offer explanations on everything to help you understand your issues and solutions.

Tammy Roberts

I am probably one of the longest standing clients of Dr. Kim’s, having been thoroughly happy and satisfied with his dental services for over 30 yrs. Check out my YouTube testimonial and view for yourself my million dollar smile: i’m 59 yrs young and have the teeth of someone half my age :), everyone of them still my originals! Large, Modern, state of the art facilities are an added bonus! You will never have to wait for an appt. and we all know how important that is in today’s buzzing lifestyle! HAPPY CLIENT:

Olga L. Perez

I have been with Dr. Kim since he started the business over 30 yrs ago. Every service has started with superb customer service scheduling appointments, and prompt service, I have NEVER had to wait for my dental services. These services have always been with the most knowledgeable dental staff who have always offered to explain in detail every component of my services from the x-rays to planning treatments. Most importantly I really feel ‘special’ and that staff here ‘sincerely care’ about me, my health and ensuring I am proactive about keeping my own teeth healthy. I continue to be impressed with the state of the art technology utilized in my dental services. I genuinely ‘LOVE’ going to the dentist at Dr. Kim’s and highly recommend his services to anyone.

Olga Perez

Regular Checkup
Very satisfied and happy with the service.

Vicki Luong

Changed my view of going to the dentist
My teeth were getting bad because I didn’t have insurance for a long time. I tried a couple dentists and they lectured me about my teeth saying that they couldn’t cover the work due to neglect. Over time I found it was easier to not smile so people could not see my teeth. Then one day I broke my front tooth and knew I had to find a dentist. I went to Dr. Kim because he was open after 5PM which allowed me to go after work. They fixed my tooth and created a plan to get all my problems fixed. Their friendly skilled staff did a lot of work on my teeth and now I am able to smile again. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kims Center to anyone.

Doug Richards


Dianna Law

Affordable and easy scheduling
My first visit to Dr. Kim’s office was on an emergency basis. Less than an hour after I called, I was being treated. Not having dental insurance, I was really impressed by the reasonable cost. The rates have been low enough that I was able to return for several fillings and pay for them easily even without insurance. Each time scheduling has been very easy with appointments available when I requested. The staff at Dr. Kim’s have all been friendly and professional. I like having the Dr. explain things so I can understand the treatment. It helps me to relax and let them do their work. I have told my family, friends and co-workers about my great experiences and results at Dr. Kim’s office. I will definitely be going back.

Charles Mattila

All the employees are very nice, and they are very gentle. Deanna Bingham

I’m Satisfied with how your people handled my need even in weekend painless!!! Thank YOU.. Iradj Zeijnali

Really a great experience – well, as great as a visit to the dentist can get, I guess. Professional, thorough, and pleasant.

Gordon Landis

Friendly staff, clean office, great doctor, explained everything in detail. Diana Hernandez

Very pleasant when I have a visit to the location. Weidong Cheng

Over 20 years of GREAT SERVICE
I have been going to Doctor Kim’s Dental for over 20 years!! When I met Doctor Kim my daughter was only 3 days old! Now she drives herself to Dr. Kim.. Dr. Kim is always at the office, greets every customer like they are the only customer! Office is clean, workers are friendly. Dr. Kim is now taking care of my children’s, children!!  Very loyal and grateful customer.

Rolenda Pannell

Excellent skills & courtesy manners
Doctor’s skills are excellent and all staffs are so kind and courtesy manners. to say in a word great dentist office!


We’ve been going to Dr Kim’s office for about 10 or 11 yrs. now. A friend recommended Dr. Kim after hearing my horror stories while looking for a dentist for my kids, at the time 6 and 2. They were great with both of them. We were welcomed by Dr. Kim when we walked in for the first time and have been every time since. Both of my kids, and just recently myself, have had ortho work done here as well. The staff is very courteous and accommodating. I’ve yet to have a bad experience or complaint. When I started my search for a family dentist I couldn’t believe how hard a time I was having. I was worried that any more bad experiences and I’d never be able to get my kids willing into a dental office again. Now here we are all these years later and the whole family is going to Dr. Kim’s office, willingly. We live on the opposite side of San Jose but make the commute to Dr. Kim’s office because they’re that good. We all have beautiful, healthy pearly white teeth and feel extremely LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND DR. KIM.


Excellent care from doctors and staff.
I have always been given excellent service from Dr Kim as well as other doctors and staff on every visit and the cleanliness of the office has never been in question.


Very Thorough
Very thorough and explained my procedure in detail. Anonymous

Very friendly staff helped to make my daughter comfortable. Anonymous

I was very happy that I had a slight emergency and the office got me an appointment very quickly. The front office staff was very nice. Anonymous

Excellent dental care
Dr. Kim Dental is the best dental service I’ve ever experienced. Everyone at the office seems to really care about my dental needs. They are professional, courteous, painless, fast and affordable. The fact that they are open seven days a week and evenings is another plus that you can’t find with most dentist offices. I highly recommend them for your dental needs.


“Wow, it had been twenty-five years since my last painful tooth experience. It was a Friday afternoon; my previous dentist was out of town and had not wanted to work in the painful area. In other words she was not willing to save my tooth. Instead, extraction of the tooth was the only solution! Thank goodness for Dr. Jonathan Kim, my tooth was savable; the pain went away immediately; excellent care, and hospitable personnel. The professional treatment made my dental experience worth coming every time. Now, I look forward to getting the treatment my teeth deserve. My appointments are made after work or on weekends. I strongly recommended this wonderful, convenient, and professional dental group. Dr. Jonathan Kim is pleasant and caring”

Mrs. Soledad Vega
“I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office for many years. The staff and doctors are very sensitive to my needs as well as to my family. I have recommended Dr. Kim to many of my friends and will continue to do so as long as I can.
Thank you for all you do!”

Mrs. Cathy Martin

“I was referred by a friend to come to your office for dental treatment. I would like to express my experience for first time here at Jonathan H. Kim, D.D.S. Inc., I like the way I was treated by the doctors and staff. I will come back, me and my son Gustavo. I was treated with respect and a lot of smiles; thank you for having wonderful doctors and staff”

Juanita Velador

“Hi, Dr. Kim, I want to let you know that the service you offered to your patients is excellent. You are kind; and always making sure that the patient is satisfied. I have seen that you always care for the patient wellbeing and if there is an issue; you best to resolve it!”

Maria Valadez

“I feel I was treated in a very professional way and made me feel comfortable”

Jose Prado

“Thank you Son! Since you created my implant, I don’t have to wear partial dentures. I feel great and young again.”

Mrs. Kim (78 years old, Dr. Jonathan Kim’s mother)

“Dr. Kim, I would like to reiterate my gratitude for a wonderful job doing my implants. I would like to recommend your work to all my friends.”

Mr. R Hur, Former Korean Consul General & Korean Ambassador of New York

“Amazing, never would I have though that I could afford implants… and yet, I learned that it was possible. Thank you Dr. Kim”

Mrs. A. Smith, single mom.

Dear Dr. Kim and all Staff:

Thank you so much for your excellent service and care. I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed in a dental office (particularly the “in the chair” part!). I am so glad to have found a dental office so skilled and capable, professional, warm, and welcoming! I have thanked my good friend (and co-teacher) “Teacher Emma” again and again for her referral. I look forward to sharing with my family and friends who might need a dentist about my awesome experience at Dr. Kim Dentistry!

Thank you all so much,
Andrea Hart Rees
Dr. Jonathan Kim,

If you are wanting [want] the best experience you could imagine from a dental office, you have to try the Jonathan Kim experience. The first day the friendly office staff [attitude towards me] made me feel like a celebrity, I was given the royal treatment. The wait time an all visits were so short I felt like they are very professional in not having to wait like all the other dental offices have done. Now that’s just the front office treatment. All the people who are waiting for you to perform your treatment, are friendly and always care about you in everyway, the work they did for me was exceptional in quality, there prices a very affordable. I was so taken by their office that I have my son having work done and he was amazed on his pleasant experience. We finally found a dentist who really cares about his patients.

Thank you Mr. Kim,
Richard Fike
Dr. Kim’s dentist office is absolutely the best dentist office I have ever visited. At first, I came because of their available hours, then I kept coming back because of their excellent service. Everyone from the receptionist, dental assistants, dentists and Dr. Kim himself are very pleasant, accommodating and receptive to my questions and concerns. I recommend Dr. Kim’s Dentistry to anyone.

Raymond Y. Sikes
P/S. Their billing is convenient and they don’t try to take you to the cleaners.
Dr. Kim’s office is a very professional and warm. Every visit is as if we area walking into a family member’s home. My husband Frank and I as well as our children really enjoy our experience here with Dr. Kim and his staff. WE are life long patients, so Dr. Kim don’t retire we need you. Thank you so much for superior care and service”

The Dias Family- Frank, Lisa, Brandon, Brianna, Gabriela and Cameron.
“I have had good experience at Jonathan H. Kim, D.D.S. Inc. They know your name the moment you walk in and make you feel at home; even if you are early your wait time is short. Then when you get in the back the dental assistants make you even more at home making sure that you get what you need; really put you at ease before the shots. The dentists are good and get the job done fast and to the points. So coming here makes coming to the dentist a lot better; you don’t have to be afraid. I have always had good experience here.”

Amanda West

“I found Dr. Jonathan Kim’s office while I was searching for endodontists in San Jose on Google search. I was surprised to see that every time I searched for it, his name would come up. I was really amazed by how he was using technology to publicize and being in the new generation it attracted me to his website. I found his website to be user friendly, innovative and creative. As soon as I saw that his office was open at 9pm, immediately called his office. I’ve been with fear for many years. I was reluctant and scared but they were all very friendly. Dr. Kim was very friendly as he would approach me to shake my hand. I love the atmosphere but I loved the digital x-ray especially when patients are able to be on the same page as their doctors. I loved being able to see pictures of my teeth, overall, this is a friendly atmosphere and I hope many dentist can still continue to use technology to their advantage. Thank you Dr. Kim!”

Patrice Sezzle Sevilla

“Hola tengo casi 7 anos que vengo a esta clinica y me gusta el servicio, cuando he tenido una emergencia me atienden en el momento que llego. El personal es muy amable y atento y los doctores hacen un excelente trabajo. Gracias por sus servicios”. “Hello I have about 7 years coming to this office and I like the service. Whenever I have had an emergency, they see me right on time. The staff is very nice and polite and the doctors do an excellent work. Thank you for all your service”

Maria Silva

“Dr. Kim’s office was a great experience for both my husband and I. My husband will not get to any doctor much less to a dentist. Everyone was friendly and made both of us feel welcomed. The staff is very professional and treats us with care. Thank you for a good experience at the dentist!”

Juanita Zuniga Garcia

“I like to come to Dr. Kim’s office. The employees are wonderful. He cares about his patients and he trained them to do the same. I have come here for 15 years. I now come from Stockton to Dr. Kim’s dental office.”

Cathy Caldwell Lino

My name is Mary Lou Aranda and have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office for a few years. Overall, I am very pleased with the service I have received from all of personnel in the office. I really like the reminders via the telephone, the welcome I receive when I first arrive in the office and I always await Dr. Kim’s warm handshake. When I am in the dental chair, I appreciate the fact I am told everything that is going on as it happens. No surprises is good, Jenny and her staff are excellent to work with. They seem to always have the time to fit me in when I prefer. I have referred several patients from work to this office. “I am very pleased with the service given to me at this great place!”

Mary Lou Aranda

“Really liked the staff; very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. Office is very clean and comfortable. Everything just seems more professional than my last dentist office.”

Harman Jhuty

“Dr. Kim’s office was a good office for both me and my family. They all love the dentist office being opened on weekends and late at evenings. Makes it easier to go after work. They do emergencies immediately. The dentists are nice and friendly and always concerned on the patient. I always recommended this dentist to my friends”

Rocha Rita

“Dr. Kim and staff have always been friendly and flexible with scheduling my appointments. His staff is well informed with all dental procedures. I have been coming to his office for over 15 years. His staff is very professional”

Maria Escamilla

“I have been coming to Dr. Kim for over 15 years. Dr. Kim helped me when I did not have insurance by charging low cash prices. He and his staff have always been compassionate. They will do everything they can to help you get great dental care for yourself and your family. Thank you so much for all your great service throughout the years!”

Jennifer Mullen

I like Jonathan Kim’s office because my family has been coming here since before I was born. The people here are all really nice and always take their time with me. The entire office is cozy and welcoming”

Jacey Thill

“To whom it may concern: me and my family really appreciate the service provided by all doctors Kim’s office, professionals with high quality and on very convenient terms and conditions. Thank you for service and excellent dental work done”

Michael Vassiliev & Family & Liliya V. Alexandra V.

“Everyone at Jonathan H. Kim, D.D.S. Inc. is always very welcoming. The administrators are considerate and never fail to make me feel comfortable Dr. Cook’s my favorite!”

Jenny Park

“Dr. Kim always makes us feel very welcome and he really cares. He has great doctors who know what they are doing. We have been coming to Dr. Kim since 2000. My kids love him and what they like best is they feel safe”

Marie Chavarria

“I have been here twice and I am impressed by the staff and doctor. Everyone is very nice and helpful. The first visit I saw the doctor and he was so gentle and eased my stress about being at the dentist; and fixed the problem I was having in a very timely manner. I will definitely continue to come here for my future dental needs. Thank you”

Siobhan Carr

“I have great things to say about this office. The staff is great. I recommend this place to everyone.”

Rosa Fierro-Garcia

“To whom it may concern: my friend at work Patty Martinez referred me to this office and I am extremely happy with the service and employees. Especially the ladies at the front desk and Lucy; She is incredible, so knowledgeable. It seems everyone calls on her when something is wrong and she immediately fixes it. I hope she is paid well for all her knowledge and helpfulness. Thank you for treating my children so well. A dentist visit is not always pleasant but here it is as good as it gets. Thank you Dr. Kim”

Susie Vasquez

“I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office for more than 10yeras. He has always personally greeted me. He is always polite and treats his patients with dignity. Dr. Kim also tries his best to work within my budget. I will continue to be his patient”

Michael Reid

“Dear Dr. Kim, thank you so much for everything that you take care my teeth when I have a problem. All your staff are very helpful and kind to me, thanks again”

Jasmine Yang

“Always courteous; professional from initial appointment call to final treatment; very diligent on follow up. Office staff are very efficient and helpful. Dentists are among the best I have experienced. Thank you for keeping my dental hygiene in top shape!”

Raphael Lapin

“I have been coming to Dr. Kim’s office for 13 years. My family really like going to Dr. Kim’s office. We will be bringing our new grandson here when he gets older. He is only 6months old right now, thank you”

Elizabeth Sheehan

“Dr. Jonathan Kim is a wonderful doctor and human being. He is very kind and caring of his patients. Today I had a root canal done by Dr. Cook. Dr,. Cools has a great smile and made me comfortable right away. The procedure was painless and him and his assistant made sure that I was okay. This was a painless experience. Thanks Dr. Kim, Dr. Cook and all who work in your office”

Vivian Frelix-Hart