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Emergency Dental Care

Reasons for Dentures

  1. 1. Loss of Teeth One of the main reasons people receive dentures is because they have lost their teeth to either a traumatic injury, periodontal disease or tooth decay. It is very important for people to replace missing teeth since the remaining teeth can cause problems with the bite and shift out-of-place.
  2. Teeth Shifting - Another reason people receive dentures is when their teeth shift positions or when spaces open up between the teeth. Loose teeth usually means advanced gum disease, and sometimes the loose teeth are extracted and replaced with dentures.
  3. Toothache - A severe toothache can be a signal that decay has advanced so fast that it is attacking the nerve that is in the tooth. When this is caught early, the tooth can be treated with a filling, but if the decay is advanced, the options are more costly and invasive. Usually with extensive decay, the teeth that are considered unsavable and are removed and replaced with dentures.
  4. Trouble Eating Hard Foods - When somebody has difficulty eating certain foods, the culprit might have been caused by either missing teeth, cavities, gum disease or a cracked tooth. While removing the tooth and replacing it with a denture is not the only option, it is important for the problem to be caught early. If the problem is caught early enough, a crown or root canal might save the tooth.
  5. Cannot Chew Properly - If people cannot chew properly, then they have a serious dental issue. Whether the issue stems from cracked teeth or a sore, a dentist can help determine if the problem teeth need to be removed and replaced with dentures.
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